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How to make EDM


Electronic dance music AKA EDM is known as dance music, club music, or simply music for dance. This type of music is basically made for Night Clubs or festivals where dancing is one of the primary activities of the event.  EDM is a form of music that was played back in the days by Disc Jockeys.The best part about EDMs is that they are a mix of different types of music. They use drums, regular guitars, electronic equipment, disk parts and what not.

The popular forms engineered are, Chill-out, Chillwave, Downtempo, Trip-hop, Ambient house, IDM [Intelligent Dance Music].

The Musical Instruments:

Synthesizer goes together with the electronic musical instrument. It is the very instrument that one needs to use to create the beats, the rhythms, and the tones of certain music. This actually allows a composer of EDM to produce chords and the individual notes as well.

Operating the synthesizer with the instrument controller is next in the process. Synthesizers are required to use to the way you want through the MIDI [Musical Instrumental Digital Interface of the controllers. The controllers or instruments we name and use here are:

–    Keyboard

–    Mouthpiece or Wind controller

–    MIDI Guitar

–    Keytar

–    Electronic Drum pads

–    Radio Drum

–    BodySynth

The Software That You Need:

The software you would require are:

–    Digital audio workstation (DAW).

–    Audio editor program.

–    Virtual Studio Technology (VST) synthesizers/instruments.

–    VST effects the plugins

–    Samples.

The Musical Sense:

Let’s talk about music in general before you get too much into the EDM parts. You see, you will never be able to create great music if you are not familiar with the art of listening to the music. Many think that you will only have to listen to one type of music if you want to create that type of music. That is a completely wrong concept. You will have to listen to all sorts of music if you want to create a good piece even with EDM.

Therefore, the first recommendation would be to listen to music. Obviously, you will have emphasis on EDM as that is what you are going to go with in future but always start with everything out there. Good musicians are never tied in one genre and they are always free to move everywhere. You have to be the same. One might think that we are overstating the fact that one needs to create all types of music to be able to create EDM but we actually are not. This is important to talk about because many don’t understand the importance of getting into the groove. You won’t have to spend tons of hours in a club or a party to learn the art of EDM. Simply listening to different types of EDM and other mixes will enrich your brain and your mind. That is the time when you will be able to create something out of your imagination. This is when your skills will thrive.




Electronic dance music is a collection of a huge range of music genres starting from rave party to concerts. EDM is usually produced by disco jockeys with seamless effort and good taste in music. EDM music composers often perform live shows concerts and even perform worldwide in different countries. They are also popular for their music albums and singles. Lastly, EDM is very popular in European and American countries for dancing.

Electric Music Bands

EDM consists of Breakbeat hardcore, jungle, drum & bass Techno, acid house, rave House music Electro Post-disco and disco. Following are the top electrical music bands.

1)    Daft Punk:

Daft Punk is a popular French duo who gained popularity back in 1990. Initially not being as popular as they are today they struggled a lot. Today they won Grammy Awards too.  Their popular hits include Starboy features The Weekend Get lucky and One more time.

2)    Deadmau5:

While (1<2) is the seventh studio album by the Canadian producer and DJ deadmau5. He also released a double album containing a mix of a number of songs of different music taste.

The first single “Avaritia” became a huge hit with the release of the second single  One week later ‘’see’’.

3)    Skrillex:

Sonny John Moore known as Skrillex, is an American EDM producer, singer, songwriter  DJ, and multi-instrumentalist.  He became very popular for his young taste in music in today’s generation. He is well known for his singles and featured albums.

Today at the age of 29 only Skrillex has been roaming around the world to perform live. He has also visited many countries in music fests. Later he paired up with Diplo and opened a new chain of their songs with the name Jack U. Popular hits with Jack U include Mind featuring Kai.

4)    Aphex Twin:

Richard David James also was known as Aphex Twin, is an Irish-born composer. He is also one of the founders  of Rephlex Records

5)    Zedd:

Zedd is a Russian disco jockey who became famous for his popular singles. He is best known for his album True Colors. This album had the highest debut on the Billboard 200 for an EDM album.

6)    Kraftwerk:

Kraftwerk is a electronic music band in Germany  found by and Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter in 1970. The band was performed by both Hutter and Schneider until Schneider in 2008.

7)    Knife Party:

Knife Party is an Australian electronic dance music pair consisting of two members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

8)    Pendulum:

The pendulum is a electronic rock band in Australia and has drum and bass. It was formed in early 2002. The pendulum was formed in the Australia’s Perth by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding,

9)    Depeche Mode:

Depeche Mode is an English pop band found in the year 1980.

10)    Soft Cell:

Soft Cell is an English duo who came to fame in 1980. The duo includes Marc Almond and David Ball. Their popular hit includes “Tainted Love”.


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